Questions and answers to help you understand how hypnosis works

 Sedona's leading hypnotherapist, hypnosis teacher and columnist Mary Elizabeth Raines (Leach)

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1. I would like to experience hypnosis, but I’m afraid I’m probably one of those people who can’t be hypnotized.

It's EASY, so you can relax! Nearly everybody can be hypnotized. All you need is a normal IQ and a normal ability to concentrate. You want to be free of serious mental illness, and avoid being drunk, overly caffeinated or high during your session. Under those conditions, you should be able to experience hypnosis beautifully!

2. Yes, but won’t you control my mind when I’m hypnotized and make me do or say whatever you want?

Boy, do I ever wish we could control people’s minds. If we could do that, my husband would always take out the garbage and my child would get straight As in school! It wouldn't be the big corporations telling Congress what to do any longer; it would be people like me!

Here’s the thing: Nobody, not the best hypnotist on the planet, not even I, can get you do anything you don’t want to do, or anything that goes against your moral code or belief system, no matter how deeply hypnotized you are. That’s why hypnotists' children do not always get straight As! Your subconscious makes sure that you are always in control during a hypnosis session.

We can only assist you in achieving goals you truly want to reach. And with hypnosis, it can be easier than you ever dreamt possible, provided you really, truly want to reach that goal!

3. I saw a stage hypnosis show once. It was hilarious, but I wondered why the people on stage would do such ridiculous things.

People who volunteer to come onstage in hypnosis entertainment shows understand, on some level, that they are probably going to be doing really goofy things, and consent to this because a part of them really needs to show off and make us all laugh! It’s just that simple. Like you, however, they won’t do anything they don’t really want to do, no matter how deeply hypnotized they are.

4. Doesn’t being hypnotized feel weird?

Hypnosis is a normal, everyday state. For many, it feels similar to getting lost in a good movie or a book. All of us actually go in and out of hypnosis many times during the course of a day, and at least twice in every 24 hours: just before we fall asleep, and just as we are waking up. Most people are fully aware of everything that happens during their session and remember beautifully.

5. Do I have to be a celebrity or rich to be hypnotized by Mary Elizabeth Raines?

Not at all! The majority of clients who have sessions with Ms. Raines are people just like you. Even though Ms. Raines is known internationally as a writer and teacher of hypnosis, our fees are fair. To us, everyone is equal, regardless of status or wealth. 

6. Okay, that looks great! I have a long list of things I want to change about myself. Can you do that in one session?

During your session, it is best to focus on just one topic at a time. This is because your subconscious could always decide to reject a suggestion. If we attempt to help you stop smoking and lose weight at the same time, for example, the subconscious might feel overwhelmed and halt the whole process.

For those who are unsure about what to tackle first, a good suggestion is to have a few sessions to learn self-hypnosis! (That typically takes three sessions.) Then you have the tools to change whatever you like to become the person you really are!

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